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Why  Choose US?

is one of the High-quality corporations in the market of PCB and PCBA manufaturing, and brings to its
customers a professional supplier.

We supply all necessary and essential professional services. 
This allows our customers to buy all their products in
total security from our company. 
Thanks to this very professional service, all our customers have seen very clearly
the reduction of their global procurements costs!

We offer to our customers a professional factories in the PCB field which is established in 2006.
At t
he same time, we provide the support and the organization of an independent and very serious Service company.

ZEALFULL brings to you the whole set of professional services that you are entitled to expect:

Engineering support:  
Our engineering team chechks your technical files and data before the production.

* Quality support:
Our quality team fights on quality issues.
We continuously check the PPM reject rate levels of our factory and
up all necessary action plans and corrective actions when needed.

* Purchasing support: 
Our purchasing team can provide variety of products in the different field.
We always try to  provide  you with 
best mix ratios for quality/price/service.

Financial support :
Our group has a solid finance organization that you are welcome to utilize.
We also have a
serious “General liability insurance” to cover all customers potential damages  due to our products.

*Network support :
Our group constantly works on the network of suppliers in the different field, consequently offering a large choice of
available technologies and a wide range of products.

*Logistic services:
Our logistic team and our platform in Hong Kong take care of the transport optimization for the goods.
(freight costs
negotiation, groupage, transport by express, air, sea or sea-air).

*Sales services:
Our sales engineers have a quick-turn response.

*Strategic support :
We advise our customers from a strategic point of view, warming them at the earliest stage anytime it is necessary.
We also inform them regularly about all important events happening on the market  and our factorys.

*Ethic support:
Our group has developed ethic codes for its employees and factory. We run ethic audits in our factory, making
they respect a minimum of rules in the following fields: labor laws, environment, security, human being, China laws.

ZEALFULL also provide PCB Assembly Services

* We provide quick-turn prototype, low-volume and production PCB assembly with surface-mount(SMT), throught-hole (THT)
and mix components.

We offer turn-key (just send us the Gerber and BOM files), consignment (you supply all parts) and various components purchase
options to help you reduce cost and time.

We can handle small quantity as well as volume productions.
*All our services are at a very competitive price and with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For all these reasons and thanks to its professional services, ZEALFULL has become year after year the preferred partner
of a permanently increasing number of customers all around the world


Quality Grade : Standard IPC 2-3

Assembly Technology

·SMD Stencils

·PCB Fabrication

·SMT PCB Assembly

·THT assembly

. Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

·Conformal Coating

.User Interface Assemblies

·Box Build Assembly

·Final product assembly

Value Added Services:

·Component Sourcing

· Packing and delivery


· Packing and delivery

·PCBA sample


·IC Programming

·NPI Report

Company Certifications:


Product Certifications


Order Capacity:

·No requirements of MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Testing Process:

·QC manual inspection

.SPI(Solder Paste Inspection)

·X-ray·FAl(first article inspection)

·ICT·FCT·Aging test·Reliability test

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