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We have a good research and development team, committed to the design of consumer electronice product.  2018, we
began to  have electric toothbrush, buletooth headset,th projector and 3D advertising machine products.

We accept CAM350,GC-CAM,Gerber,Gerber 274X,Protel99SE,Eagle file,DXP,Power PCB data for PCB manufaturing.

Our experienced
  engineers who understand customer's requirement very well ensure Smooth and fast communication 
and feedback with customers.
Besides,they can give valued suggestion from customer's design.

Rigid-PCB  capabilities 
Number of layers                                Rigid PCB: 1-12 Layers;   Rigid-Flex PCB:1-8 Layers;
Panel Size(max)                     600x550mm
Thickness of finish board               0.5 -4.5 mm
Thickness of inner copper         1/3oz - 4oz
Thickness of external copper          1/3oz - 6oz
Minimum width of annular ring           0.10mm
Insulation Resistance For E/T test 10K Ω-20M Ω 
Minimum width of solder resistance bridge     0.1mm
Minimum solder resistance opening       0.045mm
Impedance tolerance                    ±10%
Accuracy of outline                       ±0.1mm
Type of surface treatmen          HASL, electrolytic nickel gold, immersion nickel gold, 

OSP,immersion silver, immersion tin, plating gold finger, 

immersion nickel gold + plating gold finger 


FR-4, aluminum base, halogen free, middle TG,high TG, high 


Conductor width/spacing of outer layer 4/4mil
Hole diameter of CNC drilling 0.2mm
aspect ratio  8:1
Special Products Blind/Buried Via,HDI Microvia,Rigid Flex

Flex-PCB  capabilities 
Number of layers                                1-4 layers
Maximal(minimum)dimension Min: 5 x 8mm
Max: 500 x 330 mm
Thickness of finish board               0.075-4.0mm
Type of board  PI, PET, PEN
Tolerance for thickness of finished board   ±0.015mm
Minimum completed hole dimension 0.10mm
Maximal completed hole dimension 6.3mm
Tolerance for NPTH hole dimension   ±0.03mm
Tolerance for PTH hole dimension  ±0.05mm
Thickness of copper 12um, 18um, 35um, 70um
Minimum line width and line spacing 0.05/0.05mm
Type of surface treatment

OSP, Plating Gold, Immersion Gold, Plating Tin(lead free),

Immersion Tin(lead free)

Thickness of plating Ni/Au NI:2.54 - 9um  Au: 0.01 - 0.2um
Immersion Tin 0.6-1.2um
Plating Tin 3-15um
Dimension tolerance of punching board  ±0.05mm

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