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3D advertising machine

     * Z3H (HD 65CM)
Product size:650*650*55mm   
Display size:64*64cm            Viewing Aangle:176° 
Resolution:1600*960dpi        Number of LEDs:4*240pcs   
Material: aluminum alloy, ABS, PC   
Gross weight: 2.5KG Net life: 2.3KG 
Support system:Windows PC,android/ios mobile phone

3D advertising machine

  * Z7 (HD 50CM)
Product size:500*500*85mm
Display size:49.5*49.5cm        Viewing Aangle:176° 
Resolution:1600*576dpi          Number of LEDs:4*144pcs   
Material: aluminum alloy, ABS  
Gross weight: 3.1KG    Net weight: 570G 
Support system:Windows PC,android/ios mobile phone

Bule headset

HIFI 原音重现,双耳立体声,

Design,manufacturing-PCBA Application

* Consumer electronics PCBA    * Industrial control PCBA  
* Power supply Mainboard        * 3D Printer Mainboard        
* Household Appliances PCBA    *Automotive control PCBA


We accept CAM350, GC-CAM, Gerber, Gerber274x, Protel99se, Eagle File, DXP and Power PCB data for PCB manufacturing.
Our sales team and experienced engineers will help to offer practical suggestions that ensure you have a smooth and fast
transition from prototype to mass production. 

2018,our company has expanded its business to manufacture Consumer eledtronic products.(have electric toothbrush,
bule headset and 3D advertising machine products).

ODM,OEM PCBA                                                                               Products
• Components Sourcing                                                                  *  electric toothbrush  
• Part Fit Assembly                                                                        *  bule headset
• Function Testing as Requested                                                      3D advertising machine

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